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Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain

Following the success of the bestselling Clean Gut and Wheat Belly comes this essential guide to improving digestive health from an expert in functional medicine—who reveals why everything that ails us, from fatigue to weight gain to bloating and bad skin, can be traced back to the gut, and shares his cleansing plan to help us reclaim our health.
Dr. Vincent Pedre understands gut problems firsthand. He suffered from IBS for years before becoming an expert in functional medicine and learning how to heal his body from the inside. Dr. Pedre used his own experience to develop The Gut C.A.R.E. Program—an approach that draws from both Western and Eastern methodologies, combining integrative and functional medicine—that has a proven success record in his private practice in New York. Now, for the first time, Dr. Pedre makes his revolutionary plan for health and wellness available to everyone.
Happy Gut takes readers step-by-step through Gut C.A.R.E.—Cleanse, Activate, Restore, and Enhance—which eliminates food triggers, clears the gut of unfriendly pathogens, and replaces them with healthy probiotics and nutrients that repair and heal the gut. Rather than masking symptoms with medication, he shows us how to address the problem at its core to restore the gastrointestinal system to its proper functioning state. By fixing problems in the gut, followers of Dr. Pedre’s program have found that their other health woes are also cured and have lost weight, gained energy, and improved seemingly unrelated issues, such as seasonal allergies, in addition to eliminating their chronic muscle and abdominal pain.
Complete with recipes and meal plans including gluten-free, low-fat, and vegetarian options, a 28-day gut cleanse, yoga postures to help digestion, and testimonials from many of his patients, Happy Gut will help you feel better and eliminate gut issues for life.

The 4-Week Gut Health Plan: 75 Recipes to Help Restore Your Gut

Find digestive relief with this simple plan to reboot your gut health
Did you know that by adjusting your eating habits, you can alleviate ailments like gastritis and GERD? The 4-Week Gut Health Plan shows you how to restore gastrointestinal balance with tasty recipes that promote a happy, healthy gut.
What sets this cookbook apart:
Overview of gut health―Educate yourself on the microbiomes that reside in your gut, common causes of gastrointestinal dysfunction like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or leaky gut (a digestive condition that affects your intestinal lining), and even what critical questions to ask your physician.
Foods to focus on―Learn how to best manage your diet with charts that highlight which foods are good for gut health, and which may cause your symptoms to flare.
Clear 4-week meal plan―Set yourself up for success with a 4-week meal plan that provides a road map for resetting your diet and restoring any missing microorganisms in your gut. The plan also includes smart shopping lists and daily menus.
75 simple and satisfying recipes―Easily customize your meal plans with delicious recipes you can enjoy beyond 4 weeks.
Kickstart your journey to gastrointestinal healing and improved wellness with The 4-Week Gut Health Plan.

Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind: Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Liver Detox, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Disease & Trauma. Mindfulness, Holistic

Voted as one of the Top 43 therapists in the world, 5-times bestselling author, naturopath and psychotherapist Dr. Ameet easily helps you with gut health, liver detox, adrenals fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood, skin, hormones, inflammation, health and sexual issues using supplements,nutrition, healthy foods, natural medicine, holistic therapies & emotional healing.
Your health is the most valuable gift you have. Reading this intensely holistic book will quickly improve your health, happiness and mood by helping you treat the root causes of dis-eases in your mind and body, which are:
Leaky gut, Inflammation & Liver Detox
Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid & hormonal health
Trauma and painful thoughts healing, mood therapy & emotional support
With the top herbs, homeopathic remedies, foods, acupuncture points, Bach flower remedies and trauma healing exercises that most successful therapists use. Read all the amazing therapies included for FREE by clicking "Look Inside" on the cover.
Get this book to quickly feel amazingly well with clear instructions on powerful holistic therapies from world renowned naturopathic doctor, psychotherapist & teacher. Know:
What the best low inflammatory foods, probiotics and supplements for digestive problems, IBS and inflammation are
Why your thyroid, hormones, mood and brain heal when you fix your liver and how to detoxify your liver
Which herbs, amino acids, homeopathic remedies and supplements to use for stress, burnout, anxiety and depression.
The most helpful nutrients for health and what foods they’re found in.
Powerful exercise to release trauma, change negative beliefs and feel confident.
Highly effective meditation, breathing, journaling, gratitude and positive psychology techniques.
Energy medicine therapy to increase happiness, clarity and emotional resilience.
Acupuncture points for different forms of anxiety and depression
And so much more - Read all the topics for free by clicking "Look Inside" at the top of this page

Leaky Gut: Goodbye - Leaky Gut! The Ultimate Solution For: Leaky Gut Syndrome. Digestion, Candida, IBS

If you ever find yourself caught out with your stomach feeling ready to explode before you make the bathroom, or you are constipated a lot, and you have associated symptoms such as tiredness, migraine or even skin conditions, then it might be you are suffering from a condition which proponents call Leaky Gut Syndrome.
  This book explains the condition, and the opinions on it, as well as touching on a couple of other stomach related conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
The book also contains a short explanation of the digestive system. The book suggests what you can do to your diet and exercise regime, as well as considering how reducing stress levels can alleviate symptoms. It suggests how you can track trends in your lifestyle, and how these associate with symptoms.
This book is designed to help you take control of your digestion issues - we hope it works.

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Improve your Gut Lining for Improved Health.