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The Gut Wellness Guide: The Power of Breath, Touch, and Awareness to Reduce Stress, Aid Digestion, and Reclaim Whole-Body Health

A user-friendly guide for anyone grappling with chronic pain, fatigue, gas, bloating, and other common disorders associated with the gut.
Addressing a wide range of conditions - including digestive problems, anxiety, and depression - this easy-to-use guide presents simple ways to relieve the stress related to some of today’s most pressing health problems. Authors Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere explain the devastating impact that imbalances of gut microbiota and the microbiome can have on digestion, and they demonstrate proven techniques to reconnect with our bodies and reclaim our health.
The Gut Wellness Guide expands upon the method previously introduced in the authors’ first book, Unwinding the Belly. Unwinding is a clear and accessible way to connect the “gut brain” to the “main brain” and to relax, tune into your body, and create a customized action plan to heal.

Stress Warrior: Double Your Energy, Focus and Productivity While You Drop Weight, Blood Sugar, Pain and Anxiety by Recovering from Leaky Gut, Oxidative Stress, and Adrenal Fatigue

Reverse engineer your health and get your energy, focus, mood and optimal weight back by following this three-step approach to becoming a warrior to stress. Stress is a part of life. I can show you how to become resilient to stress so it doesn’t wreck your business and life.

Gut Health and Stress: Healty Gut and Less Stress with Anti-inflammatory diet (Mental health, anxiety, nutrition, food, Ibs, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders)

Have you ever thought that stress could be linked to a problem in your intestines?
In this second book (after the vol. 1 : Gut health: How to improve your physical and mental well-being, with a correct diet plan) we will devote our attention to the causes of mental stress and the oxidative stress of cells that in the long run could create physical problems.
Unlike many other books, we will analyse them scientifically because we create stress and how we could get out of it.
Here are some reasons why it's worth your money:
? The causes of stress in the intestine
? How hormones affect stress production and its management
And also:
? Deepening of the main intestinal problems, including:
? Chron’s
? Diverticulitis
? Sibo
? The cecal ileus valve malfunction
These disorders have symptoms that are very similar to each other. It is therefore important to give proper attention to each of them.
Finally, we will try to show:
• Why eliminating certain foods can drastically decrease the inflammation in the gut;
• Benefits of prebiotics, probiotics, and fermented foods;
The last part is dedicated to natural remedies, including:
?Essential oils
A complete job that addresses not only stress but also any other intestinal problems.
Gut Health and Less stress with anti-inflammatory gut diet

The Whole-Body Guide to Gut Health: Heal Your Gut Through Diet, Exercise, and Stress Reductio

Help get your gut back on track with this simple, whole-body plan
Your gut encompasses your digestive organs and all their resident microbes?and its health affects all the other systems in your body. Experience the physical and mental benefits of a healthy gut biome with this research-based guide. Find out how to care for your body, alleviate digestive distress, and soothe a wide variety of ailments, from heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome to depression and anxiety.
Learn the five principles of good gut health, explore the science of probiotics, and refer to at-a-glance lists of foods to enjoy, limit, or avoid. Go deeper with practical advice for exercise, stress reduction, and mindfulness practices to help boost your overall mood, energy, and even your memory.
A holistic 2-week plan?Kick-start your gut health routine with a customizable 2-week plan that incorporates healthy eating, exercise, meditation, and more.
Tasty, gut-healthy recipes?Treat your gut right with 50 feel-good options like the Lemon-Ginger Smoothie, Wild Salmon and Fennel Scramble, Fermented Fried Rice with Vegetables, and more.
Simple symptom tracking?Use a handy template to track your symptoms, identify possible triggers, and chart your progress as you make changes.
Help restore balance in your gut with The Whole-Body Guide to Gut Health.


Are you interested in discovering the extraordinary healing power associated with your vagus nerve?
This book shows how we can optimize autonomic functioning in ourselves and others and bring the body into the state of safety that activates its innate capacity to heal.
Book 1: The Healing Power Of The Vagus Nerve: Guide to stimulation of the vagus nerve in the treatment of trauma with self-help exercises. Manage Anger, Depression, and Stress with Brain Therapy.
This amazing nerve, that wanders from the brain down to the gut, can deeply improve your overall health: if properly stimulated, it can bring you rest, a sense of calm, and it can activate your body's natural ability to heal.
In this complete guide you will find:
What is this vagus nerve?
What does it do?
How exactly does the Vagus nerve affect all these body organs and organ systems?
What causes reduced functioning of this important nerve?
What are the benefits that come with a vagus nerve that’s in perfect working condition?
How do you improve the functioning of the vagus nerve?
BOOK 2: The Vagus Nerve: Polyvagal Theory: Activated and access the healing power of the Vagus Nerve. Psychological and emotional manipulation with self-help exercises for trauma depression, PTSD and anxiety.
In this guide, you will learn ways to make the most of the vagus nerve power by defeating negative mental and physical conditions regardless of how deeply they are rooted in your inner self.
Generalities on the vagus nerve: the vagus nerve is one of the cranial nerves that interfaces the mind with the body.
What influences? It has multiple capacities: tactile from the throat from the heart, from the lungs and the belly.
Motor: provides ability to develop the neck muscles responsible for swallowing and speech; the benefits through stimulation; a shocking guide from polyvagal theory to SNA circuits; details to activate and harness the power of the vagus nerve.
Self-regulation: how to hack your nervous system; exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve to become healthier by eliminating anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.
With what physical and psychological problems can activation of the vagus nerve be useful? Infinite!
The vagus nerve is so well connected that its stimulation will also relieve inflammation-related ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome and physical conditions such as migraine, chronic pain, mental disorders such as anxiety, PSTD, depression and memory problems. What are you waiting for?
Are you ready to experience amazing health and wellness benefits?

Mind Your Gut: Power Up Your Immune System, Stress Resilience & Mental Wellness Through Your Gut-Brain

This book is a beacon of hope for those struggling with:
-Chronic Stress
-Gut Issues
-Getting and staying sick
-The Blues
-Low Immunity
Do you feel tied up, bogged down, and in an endless cycle of negativity?
After implementing the steps in this book, you will experience results that will be nothing short of miraculous.
By the end, you will understand the connection between the gut and the brain, and learn how to create your own good gut health for overall physical and mental health.Whether you are just a little fatigued and moody, or you have high anxiety and acid reflux, this book - and Kelly’s program - can move the needle for you. There is hope for you! You can get back to a calm, joyful, peaceful life again. Or, if you have struggled for as long as you can remember, you can finally experience these blissful states of being.

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Your Health and Stress.