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The New Eating Right for a Bad Gut: The Complete Nutritional Guide to Ileitis, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

“In this completely revised and updated edition of his classic book on treating "bad gut" diseases, Dr. James Scala presents a new dietary plan that has been proven to help inflammatory bowel disease go into remission. Scala firmly believes that nutrition is preventative medicine and food is the vehicle of its practice. His drug-free food and lifestyle program offers relief from the pain and embarrassment of living with these mysterious and chronic ills while providing reassuring step-by-step guidance on: · Developing a personal testing program to identify foods that cause, aggravate, or relieve flare-ups · Keeping a food and lifestyle diary · How food allergies affect IBD · What to do if you are lactose, alcohol, or sugar intolerant · Reducing inflammation through complex carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fiber, and the omega-3 oils found in fish and leafy vegetables · The do’s and don’ts of food selection · Techniques for stress reduction and overall fitness · Vitamin and mineral supplements, and their recommended dosages · Specific cooking methods that can prevent flare-ups · Medicinal foods that bring flare-ups into remission · The role stress, anger, fear, and other emotions play · The healing power of vitamin E · IBD and children

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food ... A-To-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies

Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the nation's #1 bestselling guide to natural remedies. The new fifth edition incorporates the most recent information on a variety of alternative healing and preventive therapies and unveils new science on vitamins, supplements, and herbs. With an A-to-Z reference to illnesses, updates include: How omega-3 and exercise may help those suffering from Alzheimer's Current information on the latest drug therapies for treating AIDs What you need to know about H1N1 virus Nutritional information for combating prostate cancer Leading research on menopause and bio identical hormones And much, much more In the twenty years since the first edition was released, the natural health movement has gone mainstream, and the quest for optimal nutrition is no longer relegated to speciality stores. With more than 800 pages of comprehensive facts about all aspects of alternative ways to wellness, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition, unites the best of age-old remedies with twenty-first- century science.

The ADHD and Autism Nutritional Supplement Handbook: The Cutting-Edge Biomedical Approach to Treating the Underlying Deficiencies and Symptoms of ADHD and Autism

More than 90 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD or autism have nutritional or metabolic inefficiencies. Find out if your child is one of those suffering from this condition today, and learn how you can drastically improve your child's symptoms and wellbeing with The ADHD and Autism Nutritional Supplement Handbook. In this groundbreaking new book, doctor-nutritionist team Pamela Compart, M.D. and Dana Laake, R.D.H., M.S., L.D.N., authors of the bestselling TheKid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook, reveal how to properly and safely implement supplements and dietary changes to affect and counter the symptoms of autism. Through their proven, symptom-by-symptom treatment method, you'll learn exactly what regimens work best in helping your child's brain and body thrive, resulting in improved behavior, attention, mood, language, cognition, and social interaction.

How to Select the Right Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Health: A Nutritional Supplements Handbook for Today's Critical Choices

This book will help you select more absorbable, potent and safe nutrient formulations that can protect you from the degenerative effects of nutrient deficiencies in the food you eat. It will help you protect your health from the disease process if you have been consuming nutrient deficient foods, even if you feel you eat a generally “healthy” diet. Also, knowing the origins of your supplement ingredients is critical to determine just how effective your supplements really are. Many thousands of people are taking supplements of poor quality. Chances are, those supplements may be doing more harm than good, creating inflammatory conditions due to the biological incompatibility of synthetic vitamins and the non-absorbable types of minerals used by manufacturers who want to cut production costs. Nutrient deficiencies are one of the major causes of many degenerative diseases millions of people suffer from today, and that includes deficiencies due to poorly formulated supplements. You get what you pay for in the way of price and nonabsorbability. Mixing synthetic vitamins and finely ground, poorly absorbable mineral elements and forming them into tablets with toxic binders and excipients does not constitute a healthy supplement, but are cheap to produce and leave much room for profit margins of the manufacturer and chains of distribution. If you wish to have truly effective supplements, the ingredients in those formulations must contain whole food, enzyme-active substances in the mix, and one or more combinations of formulations must contain the full range of all known essential nutrients found in whole foods. The ongoing debate over whether supplements are good for you or bad could be quickly settled if this little tidbit would be brought out into the open. Finally resolve your questions about ingredients on your supplements’ labels and confidently select your supplements, knowing they are truly effective, safe and nourishing. Use this reference manual and feel the difference.

Dr. Colbert's Guide to Vitamins and Supplements: Be Empowered to Make Well-Informed Decisions

Dr. Colbert’s unique, balanced, natural health approach will help readers to make sense of the overwhelming information available on vitamins and supplements, empowering them to make well informed decisions specific to their health goals.
Whether it is to slow the aging process, lose weight, balance hormones, boost energy, or heal and prevent specific health conditions and diseases, this book will be an important tool in the hands of health conscious readers.
Don Colbert, MD, who has published more than forty books, now offers all of his advice for nutritional supplements in one volume, explaining how to:
Choose the best multivitamins and individual supplements—and recognize harmful and expensive ingredients to avoid
Create the right combination of nutrients and the proper dosage to reach your specific health goals—slowing the aging process, losing weight, balancing hormones, boosting energy, or healing and preventing disease
Eat the right foods to boost the benefits of your supplement program and reach your goals faster
Break any dietary and lifestyle habits that could be interfering with your body’s ability to fully benefit from the nutrients you ingest

Dr. Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible: Over 200 Vitamins and Supplements for Improving Health, Wellness, and Longevity

Live a longer and healthier life with America's #1 vitamin book–a classic guidebook updated with extensive new material detailing the latest science.
This classic compendium has been significantly updated to put the facts you need at your fingertips so you can live a longer, healthier and better life. With 20% new material, this comprehensive guide to vitamins and their health effects has the most up-to-date information to empower and enlighten readers.
How to maximize the effectiveness of your vitamins/supplements and avoid problems by taking them in the right combinations
New anti-aging vitamins and supplements that will keep your skin and body healthy and young-looking
The latest research on how to fight off illness and stay healthy with the help of immune system-boosting vitamins and supplements
The art of personalizing your dietary regimen to fit your lifestyle, your health profile, and even your job
Natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Viagra, Prozac, and Valium
The science behind nutraceuticals, homeopathy, and aromatherapy, and how to find the best practitioners in these fields
Healing regimens for heart patients, stroke victims, diabetics, and arthritis sufferers
Insight on the new wonder supplement—CBD—and its many benefits
New warnings about dangerous drug interactions and "miracle cures"
With extensive sections on herbal teas and tinctures, beauty aids, diets, salt and sugar intake, and new ways to boost your energy level, fertility, and sex life, this book has everything you need to know to use vitamins to improve your health and wellness.

Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements: The Essential Guide for Improving Your Health Naturally

Naturopathic physician Michael T. Murray guides readers through the often complex, conflicting information regarding nutritional supplements.
Each chapter profiles major vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, nutrients, and glandular extracts, including information on the following:
• deficiency signs / symptoms
• recommended dietary allowance
• beneficial effects
• available forms
• principal uses
• dosage ranges
• safety issues
• interactions
Based on extensive scientific research, Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements empowers readers to make educated decisions about which supplements to take for health conditions including cancer, arthritis, depression, high cholesterol, allergies, heart disease and more.

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